Long ago, humans co-existed with gods. The gods created spirits, fueled by human faith, who used magick to create harmony on Earth. Humans and spirits depended on each other and the Earth needed them for all things to survive.

Advancement in technology led to the deterioration of traditional values. This made the spirits weak and they went into hiding

Without the spirits, terror and chaos took over the world. All living things were subjected to suffering.

Now the world is plagued by conflicts and epidemics. Humans need help. They cannot manage these problems by themselves. They need the spirits. Now is the perfect time for humans to, once again, join forces with the spirits to restore peace and harmony.

Today’s world is full of turmoil, destruction and chaos. This is not the world that we want. What can you do to save the world? This is where MITAMA comes in. MITAMA was started with the mission of restoring peace and prosperity to the world. We can no longer stand by idly.

It is our responsibility to work toward reversing these problems. This is not only for the good of mankind, but for Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants.

A portion of the sales of MITAMA NFT’s will be donated to charities that are working to restore peace to the world. The money raised will go towards creating a decentralized entity that seeks to eradicate poverty by instilling self-sustaining societies around the world.

The raised funds will create a number of benefits for our members and seek to monetize our IP to generate revenue to fund our ongoing works.


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  • Riku

    Every journey into the unknown realms of the Metaverse needs a leader that is fearless, inspiring, powerful, and knows how to rally up his group of rejects.

    Everybody in the team not only looks up to him for direction but he looks to them for their unique set of skills.

    Riku is the party leader of the Mitama Mint clan and we are his loyal crew.

    Of course, he comes stocked with major skills and experience that will make you go,” Damnnnnn!!”. He wields the scepter of power that has helped him conquer several industries such as IT, fashion, and entertainment.

    With the help of the his bandits, he plans to take Mitama to “the promise land”. - making it a top-notch NFT creating real-world change that matters.

  • Zak

    Sent by the Metaverse gods to rid the world of Web3 ignorance, Zak, is a metaverse evangelist, bringing in converts, one by one. But his journey has not always been a shining light in the Metaverse. He has traveled many lands in other industries before he found his calling… or it found him?

    As a nomad backpacker to the center of the earth… just kidding. He was a nomad backpacker who ventured into the Airbnb business before he stumbled upon his real-true love, Web3.

    As he looked starry-eyed at Web3, he knew this was where he was meant to be.

    Did I say Web3 is all he does? Syke! He loves the countryside and has a business to help rescue dogs find homes while letting the wind blow through his hair as he rides on his skateboard… into the sunset.

  • Yuta

    Once upon a time, in a land far far away, a little child with a special destiny was born. As he grew, he discovered he could bring the things in his mind to life for others to enjoy. Stories.

    Yuta has been storytelling since childhood and soon discovered another itch, video editing. As he journeyed through the forests and caves to the Metaverse, the video editing flea stuck with Yuta. Alas! The powers of video editing were his.

    Inspired by nature, Yuta uses his powers in Premiere Pro and After Effect to tell captivating stories that capture the Mitama Mint.

  • Missho

    The world of Mitama Mint was without form. The website, NFT base model, promotional concepts, and illustrations needed a lifeline. But where would their rescuer come from? Who would wield the power of web design to create the ideal design production for Mitama?

    As Missho is in deep thought about how the world would be perfectly expressed as art, news of troubling the Mitama Mint clan reaches him. He springs to the rescue and joins the team as the wielder of web design to bring peace and harmony through design production.

    Mitama Mint can now rest knowing its design is in the safe hands of Missho.

    All Missho needs is music for the magic to happen.

  • Norika

    As the misfits continued their venture, they came across a dancing village. They did not think much of this village. “What was dancing going to bring to the team? Will we dance our way into the Metaverse?” They laughed and walked on.

    Just as they were at the end of the village, they noticed a ballerina retjnt her legs and practicing software development magic. “Look! A dancer who can can dance to the song of code! Couldn’t she be what we need for our smart contract development?”

    And Norika joined the team. A ballerina with the power of software development that loves cycling and singing soul music.

  •  E-ke

    As the team ventures on into the mountains of the Metaverse, they stumble on E-ke. At first, his youthful appearance fools them until they see him showcase his work on Blender. He shows them his creativity but it is his ambition that makes him an obvious choice to join the team.

    His quest? To work extensively using CG and programming to further the Mitama Mint cause.

    Riku bestows on E-ke power over each piece and generator, a worthy challenge for him.

    E-ke loves singing and CG works. Something about CG works for E-ke.

  • Chacha

    As the journey continues, the misfits come to a village with inhabitants of many talents. But there was someone special among them who held all talents to herself, Chacha.

    Chacha is a calligrapher, pixel art artist, and Crypto fan. But what makes her skills amazing is her experience in the financial and Web3 industry. She yields the power of building projects from the ground up until they become attractive, successful and mind-blowing.

    When she's not Web3-ing, she plays the flute and makes pizza from dough on the weekend while singing oldies music. Fascinating.

  • Jeff

    Another powerful magician in IT engineering, was on the radar for the misfit team. A strong pandemic hit his village and he had to rebuild from scratch. As he figured out how to embark on this challenge, an NFT fairy came across him.

    Bothered by his state, the fairy bestowed on him another power, NFT collector and Crypto trader. With his new power, he absorbed all the information he could from the magical books of NFT/Crypto.

    This new power brought him into a lot of NFT servers and made him a community and server manager for 2 years. He learned, worked, and managed the ropes of social media and communities plus collected a couple of NFTs.

    When he is not working on his community and social media magic, he spends time on Anime and gaming. He also loves to travel and geek out on the Crypto market.

  • Ben

    You cannot have too many evangelists in a band of misfits. Ben yields a different kind of evangelistic magic. But before we get into that, the UK was his first home until he came to Japan. Now that we have that out of the way, back to the magic.

    His evangelist power is social media marketing and he has wielded it in different industries including entertainment, sport, and finance. He also added presenting value propositions of new technology to old megalithic institutions in Japan for around half a decade.

    Now he is all about Defi and crypto fueled by the hope of democratization and helping the unbanked.

    Something you probably would not guess is that Ben paid off his student debts through gambling. Woah! He has also worked on the TikTok algorithm in Japan and has two adopted dogs, Pepper and Pringle (hopes they will become NFTs).

  • Gabry

    The misfits journey on and arrive at a village with pyramids and a royal aura. Within the village, they spot a magician struggling to walk like an Egyptian. After he fails at that, he makes an attempt at rolling a Sushi roll and that does not work out either.

    One of the misfits intrigued by this man asks a passing villager about the magician. The villager tells them not to be fooled by what they just saw. The magician is a Master Marketer. Before he came to the village, he held the highest magical marketing ranks in startups and social entrepreneurship where he leveraged his love for high tech big data & visualization.

    In 2018, crypto reeled him in. He worked on several DAOs and protocols. Now, he is part of the Mitama Mint handling growth and marketing.

    When he is not doing Mitama work, he can’t stand; cycling in the hot weather and jitters from too many cups of coffee. But he is patiently waiting on one thing…Natto cheesecake becoming a reality.

  • Simon

    Lastly, the Mitama Mint has a great journey ahead with many exciting experiences that the world should hear about. Who will tell it all? Who will be the scribe? Who will evoke people’s imagination and take them on the Mitama Mint journey through words?

    As the misfits journey on, they come across a scribe who is not The Last King of Scotland but grew up in the same country. Simon wields the power of content creation and copywriting for the Mitama Mint.

    He was not always a writer. Before writing, he was an academic, a big word for a university lecturer. Until he started a blog and a friend encouraged him to explore writing further. He did.

    Now, he has close to 4 years of writing experience in different industries including Web3, online casinos, sports betting, travel, banking…sigh, and many more. If he can read about it, he can write about it.

    hen he is not writing, he plays basketball, watches anime (Attack of Titan, One Punch Man, Mob Psycho, and Naruto are his favorite), and hangs out with his awesome wife and friends.


How our spirits will develop over time.

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